Taiwan Creative Content Fest TCCF includes three main areas, “The Market,” “The Forum,” and “The Expo” with both virtual and in-person events.

“The Market” focuses on excellent contents of Film and Television, and Animation
targeting international marketplace. Also it invites industry professionals of Publishing, Performing arts, Comic and Game to seek adaptation and various business opportunities.

“The Forum” invites high-profile experts from all around the world to discuss and explore the latest international content industry trends, business models, IP applications, and more.

“The Expo” showcases cutting-edge immersive content projects from teams and artists worldwide, demonstrating the next stage of future content through innovative technologies.


"The Market" is the first cross-industry, cross-genre content trading event in Taiwan that facilitates content copyright transactions and pitching opportunities for Film, TV, and Animation, and showcases a variety of licensed IP adaptations of comics, performing arts, and games. Dedicated to promoting Taiwan's original content, "The Market" is set as an international marketplace to drive cross-border rights trade and production of film and TV, and to facilitate IP adaptation to integrate online and offline market transactions. By creating an interdisciplinary business exchange platform that brings together key buyers from Taiwan and worldwide, the event connects Taiwan’s creative content industry with those around the world, while demonstrating how stories can break industry boundaries to create extended output value.

No 4. & No. 5 Warehouse and Taipei New Horizon Building 6F, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

“The Forum,” centering around the theme of “metaverse,” highlights Taiwan’s advantages in content production, while drawing attention to the transformation and the international trends of the content industries. “The Forum” seeks to explore various business models that herald the future of the industry, spotlighting the business opportunities of contents in the future. Speakers from the technology industry, creative sectors, start-ups, and investors are invited to discuss a wide range of topics and share the latest industry insights in the post-pandemic market landscape.

Multifunctional Exhibition Hall Tobacco Factory 2F, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

"The Expo," with "Metaverse Playground'' as its theme, the Expo applies the imagery of "Wormhole" and "Infinity Spheres'' as visual symbols at its entrance and exit. The four sections of the Expo, "Avatar Galaxy," "Magic Forest," "Fun Backyard," and "Octans Space," together constitute a magical playground, featuring 15 immersive projects and more than 30 thematic talks performances. With 2021 TCCF's limited edition novelties, the Expo this year will expand your imagination. We cordially invite you to explore and experience the wonders of metaverse.

No 2. & No. 3 Warehouse and South Tobacco Factory, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park