Session Overview

From Theatre to Screen

To inspire film or TV adaptations from plays, this session will explore what makes a story great for film or TV. Screenwriters and playwrights both transform “stories” into “scripts,” but what are the different skills required to be a playwright or a screenwriter? In this session, we invite screenwriters who also work as playwrights to share their experiences working for the stage, films, and TV and explore the possibilities of translating plays to scripts.

Venue:Warehouse No.5, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park (or online) in Taipei, Taiwan
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Guang Yao Fan(Actor, Director)

Shau-di Wang(Rice Film International Co., Ltd/Writer-Director)
Meng-huan Lin(Story Nerd Works/Story Supervisor)
Jie Zhan(Freelance screenwriter)
Birdy Fong(Screenplay writer, magician)
Li-Ying Chien(DaMou Entertainment/Content director)


Welcome to the Metaverse: Taiwan Creative Content and Technology Industries Epic Combat

How can experiences in virtuality and reality be integrated to form new future content that meets new generations’ demands after the pandemic? When the output value from the virtual world exceeds that of the real world, and the metaverse restructures global industry strategies and redefines a nation’s competitiveness in the next generation, what are the impacts and challenges that Taiwan will face? How can Taiwan ride the waves and capitalize on the metaverse after the pandemic to introduce new business opportunities?


Venue| Multifunctional Exhibition Hall (Tobacco Factory 2F), Songshan Cultural and Creative Park (or online) in Taipei, Taiwan
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Moderator | 
Alice Chang(Taiwan Creative Content Agency/Deputy Chief Executive Officer)

Moderator | (Prerecorded video)
Jon Radoff(Beamable/CEO)

Speaker |
Ching-Teng Hsiao(Office of Science and Technology, Executive Yuan/Director)
YEN-NUN HUANG(Research Center for Information Technology Innovation/Distinguished Research Fellow (Distinguished Professor) and Director of Center)
Szuming Liu(HTC VIVE ORIGINALS/President)
Steve Huang(PEGATRON Corp./Chief Technology Officer & Senior VP)
Kurt Liu(XRSPACE CO., LTD./Content & Marketing Vice President )