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11.10 11:00~13:15

Project to Screen: Series

In recent years, the creative energy of Taiwanese drama series has increased significantly as the market expands into the international arena. The quality and quantity of both original and adapted works have grown considerably, especially in terms of genre and scale, and become highly competitive in the international market.

Production teams with creative potential and international co-production capabilities in Taiwan’s film and TV industry are invited to present their projects in this pitching session. The topics range from popular literature, social issues, generational differences, mature love, to classic pop culture icons, showcasing the rich creativity of Taiwan’s film and TV industry nowadays.
11.10 15:00~16:35

Project to Screen: Film

Over the past two years, Taiwanese films have achieved excellent results at the domestic box office and in the international market. The demand and market for Taiwanese stories are expanding. In this pitching session, we invite teams with extensive experience in Taiwan’s feature film production to present their projects. The projects feature all kinds of characters and stories—some depicting a person's life story in depth, while others incorporating various elements such as fantasy, time travel, thrillers, action, etc. Join us to explore a kaleidoscope of possibilities unfolding in Taiwan’s film industry.
11.11 10:30-12:00

Open Call: Seeking Local Content to Go Global

In an effort to improve the quality of Taiwan's original film and TV productions and promote them to the international market, the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) invites international partners to join this session. It is a rare opportunity for Taiwan’s film and TV practitioners to interact with international buyers and investors. Participants can not only learn about international market demand and industry trends, but also get a glimpse into the positioning and investment strategies of international partners in their search for targets. Such information can serve as a reference in the future as local professionals seek to tap into the international market or develop their product positioning and creative direction.
11.11 10:00~12:00

FUBON momo mini Incubator

Fubon Cultural and Educational Foundation has been paying attention to the media literacy education of young people and children for a long time. Observing that Taiwan children’s film and television programs are increasingly lacking and the content and types are poor, we hope that children will have the opportunity to see multiple programs made in Taiwan.

Since November 2018, we have organized the first "FUBON momo mini Incubator " and recruited production teams to plan programs and write scripts for children. Over the past three years, we have received a total of 254 scripts and project submissions. And five teams have been selected and produced original children's film and television programs through the incubation process. The types are quite multidimensional including documentary, drama, and animation.

Currently, there are two groups of non-drama programs and four groups of scripts entering the incubation stage. And we are making the effort to engage more practitioners who care about children’s film and TV content in Taiwan, and produce high quality programs together, so as to create a diverse and vigorous media environment for children.
11.11 13:30-17:00

2021 Golden Horse FPP Series Projects at TCCF

To help outstanding Mandarin Chinese drama series obtain resources and enhance market visibility, the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) and the Golden Horse Film Project Promotion (FPP) have once again joined forces to organized the “2021 Golden Horse FPP Series Projects at TCCF.” This pitching session features 14 drama series selected in the 2021 FPP, some originals and some fascinating IP adaptations from novels, comics, and musicals. These works cover a wide range of genres including crime, thriller, horror, family, romance, adventure, fantasy, comedy, war, and history, showcasing the amazing creativity and diversity of Taiwan’s content industry. We hope that through this matchmaking event, brilliant drama series can gain international cooperation opportunities and approach the international market directly.
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