Pitching & Showcase
Pitching 11/10
Project to Screen: Series
Venue Taipei New Horizon Building 6F
Date/Time 11:00~13:15
In recent years, the creative energy of Taiwanese drama series has increased significantly as the market expands into the international arena. The quality and quantity of both original and adapted works have grown considerably, especially in terms of genre and scale, and become highly competitive in the international market.

Production teams with creative potential and international co-production capabilities in Taiwan’s film and TV industry are invited to present their projects in this pitching session. The topics range from popular literature, social issues, generational differences, mature love, to classic pop culture icons, showcasing the rich creativity of Taiwan’s film and TV industry nowadays.
  • Body Swap
  • Old-school Girl
  • Plus & Minus
  • Fragrance of the First Flower Season 2
  • Dear Frenemy
  • In an office shared with the Death
  • Welcome to JinLai
  • Ain’t no Bao Zheng
  • The Attorney From Bachimen
  • Oriental Beauty